WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      About Esco Bars 5000 Puff Disposable

      Esco Bar Disposables just got an upgrade with the Pastel Cartel 5000 puff model. Each Esco Bars 5000 Puff Disposable features a 14mL E-Liquid capacity, almost double the amount from the previous 2500 puff disposable and a huge battery to ensure a long lasting experience. The Esco Bar brand Pastel Cartel 5000 model delivers on brand new flavors such as Kiwi Guava, Blueberry Raspberry Ice, Blood Orange Tangerine, Rootbeer Float, Strawberry Watermelon and Peach Pineapple.

      • 5000 puffs per Esco Bar
      • 1000mAh battery
      • Mesh Coil
      • Nicotine Strength: 5%
      • Rechargable; USB-C Charger Not Included


      • Banana Berry Punch: We have a hunch that this mixed berry punch will get you through lunch and beyond! Bananas and many different vine ripened berries are perfectly melded together to make this one very special.
      • Blood Orange Tangerine:An elixir of juicy citrus flavors ranging from sweet and tart for a delicious perfectly balanced disposable.
      • Blueberry Raspberry Ice: Frosty raspberry and blueberry flavors that will awaken your taste buds. The mellow flavor of blueberry paired with tart raspberry will keep you coming back for more.
      • Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Ice: This vape juice varietal is made with the bright flavors of blueberries, radiant raspberries and pomegranate! It offers an irresistibly intense berry flavor. Enjoy the perfect fusion of sweet, tart and cool. It’s so nice on ice!
      • Kiwi Guava:Combined twist of juicy kiwi and ripe guava for a beautiful tropical blend.
      • Kiwi Pom: Imagine exotic kiwi and zesty pomegranate married together in perfect harmony! This combo makes for a delightful vape experience to keep you refreshed all day and night.
      • Mango Berry Ice:An iced candy mango vape flavor with a ripened to perfection taste that will have you smacking your lips for more!
      • Mixed Berries:A pure head rush of dynamite raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry vape flavors with a dash of cream. You’ll be loving the dream!

      • Peach Pineapple:A delicious duo of Georgia peaches and tropical pineapple.
      • Pear Apricot Papaya:Juicy apricot blended with sweet pear finished with notes of papaya makes this a delicious blend that won't leave you disappointed.
      • Rootbeer Float:Classic root beer and sweet vanilla ice cream for a unique spin on the classic dessert soda.
      • Straw Melons: This tasty creation is made up of red strawberries blended boldly with juicy watermelon. Is this mid summer classic the flavor you have been searching for?
      • Strawberry Watermelon: Watermelon and strawberry flavors to deliver a bright and fragrant vape experience.
      • White Gummy: Think pineapple and other tropical fruit flavors in this vape, made soft and slightly sweet just like a gummy bear.  As an added kick, a refreshing dose of ice shows up for added texture.
      • White Mystery: A surprise flavor profile awaits you with our White Mystery vape. Everyone seems to identify different flavors with each puff. Give it a try and see where the mystery takes you!

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