WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Please inspect your items immediately upon arrival. We do not accept any return/exchange requests for online items unless defective. All return/exchange requests must be made within 10 days of order delivery confirmation. White Horse Vapor reserves the right to deny any return/exchange requests.




    Please inspect your items before you leave the store. Our return & warranty comes into effect and remains in effect for 10 days from the moment of purchase. This includes a 72-hour satisfaction guarantee, followed by a 7-day return with a 25% restocking fee.


    Determining Warranty Coverage

    To determine whether or not your device is covered by our warranty, we’ll have to work through a comprehensive troubleshooting process. This is for two major reasons. The first being most warranty claims do not actually involve defective units: They’re often fairly simple issues that can be resolved with the guidance of our vape experts. The second is we have to meet very strict conditions for a return to be processed with our suppliers and manufacturers.

    What is NOT Covered

    • Clearance items
    • Items with cosmetic issues
    • Consumable items (e-liquid, drip tips)
      • Tank leaks, dry hits, or shorted coils
    • Devices damaged post-purchase (improper usage, water damage, wear & tear)
      • Use of a damaged/improper battery

    What IS Covered

    • DOA devices (not turning on or functioning)
    • Screen malfunctions
    • Chip issues (auto-firing, not recognizing atomizers, “low battery” on full charge)
    • Manufacturing defects
    • Internal battery defects (if applicable)
    • Sealed items in original packaging can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase


    If your item is covered under our warranty, you can exchange it for a sealed item of the same SKU (if the item is in-stock), a SKU of equal value, or store credit.

    Troubleshooting Process - this may take up to 30 minutes, please plan accordingly

    Step One - General Inquiry

    • Was the device working out of the box?
    • When did the problem first arise?
    • Can the problem be replicated?

    Step Two - Visual Inspection

    • Is the exterior damaged, scuffed, scratched, or bent?
    • Is the battery door in good condition?
    • Are the battery terminals damaged or shifted?
    • Are the 510 pin, seal, and threading damaged?
    • Are there signs of water damage?
    • Are there signs of fire damage?

    Step Three – Device Troubleshooting

    • Are the device settings correct
    • Does the issue persist with different tanks?
    • Does the issue persist with different batteries?
    • Can the issue be resolved with a firmware update/downgrade?