WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    The White Horse Vapor Philosophy

    At White Horse Vapor, our fundamental goal is to offer smokers a gentle transition into vaping as an alternative to inhaling Hazardous Smoke. We know how difficult it is to stop smoking cigarettes, but do not worry...you are not alone anymore.

    There is tons of substantiated evidence that vaping is much less harmful than smoking those nasty cigarettes, and you can stop smelling like an ashtray too. Even more simply stated;

    The most dangerous part about smoking is the inhalation of smoke.

    This is where White Horse Vapor comes in! Our team searches the globe for superior vape products that deliver vapor not smoke. Ultimately we are pleased to offer you the best vape products on the market today. We guarantee satisfaction from start to finish.

    All members of the WHV team are former cigarette smokers, and are enjoying a smoke free life thanks to this modern smoke free alternative! We are always available to assist you on your tobacco-free journey.

    White Horse Vapor is headquartered in the USA.