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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      31753592897601 Truu Bar - Group Shot
      31753559212097 Truu Bar Vape - Cinnamon Delight
      31753563897921 Truu Bar Vape - Citrus Melody
      31753570680897 Truu Bar Vape - Crisp Apple
      31753571631169 Truu Bar Vape - Lemon Head
      31753572778049 Truu Bar Vape - Pink Lemonade
      31753573793857 Truu Bar Vape - Strawberry Lemonade
      31753574940737 Truu Bar Vape - Snow Mint
      31753577168961 Truu Bar Vape - Blue Slush
      31753585623105 Truu Bar Vape - Menthol

      Truu Bar Vape | 2800 Puffs

      Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and delectable satisfaction with Truu Bar. The sleek, flush design embodies simplicity without compromising on greatness. Indulge in the hassle-free experience, discreet size, and the familiar, beloved flavors you've come to know and love!

      Truu Vape Specifications 

      • 7mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid
      • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength
      • 1000mAh NON-Rechargeable Battery
      • Approximately 2800 Puffs
      • Super Mesh Coil
      • Sleek, Compact, & Hassle-Free
      • USA Made E-liquid
      • Not Rechargeable 

      Truu Bar Flavors

      • Snow Mint: Embark on a refreshing journey with Snow Mint, where cool, invigorating menthol meets the crisp purity of freshly fallen snow, delivering a frosty burst of minty delight.
      • Strawberry Lemonade: Savor the perfect harmony of sun-kissed strawberries and zesty lemons in our Strawberry Lemonade blend. This flavor is a symphony of sweet and tangy notes that dance on your palate, leaving you refreshed and satisfied.
      • Pink Lemonade: Experience the classic taste of summer with Pink Lemonade, a delightful fusion of luscious red berries and zingy lemons. This sweet and tart combination creates a pink-hued elixir that's both vibrant and irresistibly delicious.
      • Lemon Head: Take a trip down memory lane with Lemon Head, a nostalgic flavor reminiscent of your favorite childhood lemon candies. Tangy and sweet, this vape captures the essence of lemony goodness in every puff.
      • Crisp Apple: Crisp Apple brings you the essence of biting into a freshly picked apple orchard. Revel in the juicy, sweet flavor of perfectly ripe apples, with a hint of refreshing crispness that will leave your taste buds invigorated.
      • Citrus Melody: Immerse yourself in the vibrant symphony of Citrus Melody. This blend harmoniously combines the bright and bold flavors of citrus fruits, creating a melody of tangy oranges, zesty grapefruits, and sweet tangerines that will tantalize your senses.
      • Blue Slush - Nostalgia rules with Blue Slush! The bright flavors of ripe blueberries and tangy raspberries meet in this frosty concoction reminiscent of your favorite childhood slurpy. Every puff hits with a refreshing burst of fruity sweetness, nicely balanced with a splash of chill!
      • Cinnamon Delight - The spicy-sweet aroma of cinnamon swirls everywhere as you puff on the cozy embrace of Cinnamon Delight. Treat yourself to the decadent flavor of freshly baked frosted cinnamon buns! This magnificent flavor lingers on the palate, making every puff a delightful moment to remember.
      • Menthol - Dig this icy mixture of amazing menthol flavor, thoughtfully blended to create a superlative iced vape experience. For all dedicated menthol lovers, this blast of winter taste will satisfy with its crisp, cold vapor emanating from every puff.

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