WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      Blankz Disposable E-Cigs

      If you’re trying to quit smoking, we want to help. White Horse disposable pod devices are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes and still have nicotine content so you can get that buzz you crave. They are a simple product and don’t have a flashy design, but ...

      don’t let that fool you – our disposable vape devices are full of flavor! Choose from six different full-bodied and long-lasting flavors, including:

      Fireball: A hot cinnamon flavor that has just the right amount of heat.

      Menthol: The classic minty taste and aroma you love.

      Classic: A flavor that mimics the traditional cigarette and is fashioned after dry tobacco.

      Smooth: A rich tobacco flavor and our most popular flavor for disposable pod devices!

      Lemon Cookie: Tart, sweet, zesty, and downright delicious, just like a lemon shortbread cookie.

      Tangerine Melon: A bold combination of citrus and watermelon along with a hint of candied mango.

      Banana Ice: A refreshing taste of chilled banana and a hint of menthol.

      All the flavors are great tasting and satisfying, and at 1500 puffs per disposable e-cigarette, they’ll last you a while! Every one of our disposable vape devices has been formulated without preservatives and we’ve been making them right here in the USA since 2013. We only use premium liquid, and the unbranded metal outside achieves an understated look that won’t draw any unnecessary attention when you’re in public or at work.

      How to Store Your Disposable Pod Devices

      Like other disposable e-cigarettes and vapes, our disposable pod devices need to be kept at room temperature at all times. That means don’t leave them in your car! Exposure to extreme temperatures will harm the battery and could even make it catch on fire. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or are just looking for an enjoyable vaping experience, shop our selection of disposable vapes and e-cigarettes today!

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