WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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    420 batteries and devices

    If tobacco isn't quite your thing, check out our selection of 420 smoking devices! Many enthusiasts are looking for a cleaner and more discrete method of enjoying their favorite herb. These vapes come with robust vape pen batteries that will stay charged for longer ...

    and can easily be recharged for continued use. Plus, you don't have to compromise in terms of how you indulge — choose from either herb vaporizers or oil vaporizers to enjoy a vast array of 420 products whenever and wherever you please (depending on local laws, of course!). 

    420 Devices: Herb and Oil

    Some prefer to enjoy their tobacco the old-fashioned way, and our WOW Herb Vaporizer V2 is the perfect match. Using a ceramic heating chamber, it acts like an oven to bake the contents for a smooth inhale. Or, if you prefer to fill and go, our Cartizan vaporizers enable you to add liquid and use high-capacity vape pen batteries to give you the power to enjoy on the go with little effort. Whichever you prefer, White Horse Vapor has you covered.

    Why Choose White Horse Vapor for 420 Devices?

    At White Horse Vapor, we want to make sure that we're serving all of your vaping needs, and we'd never forget about our herb enthusiast customers! Our selection of 420 smoking devices and vape pen batteries have been chosen to keep you going strong whenever you're in the mood for a quick nip. Shop our products today and choose the vape that fits your needs!

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