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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      32096061587521 Spree Bar - Group Shot
      32010795876417 Spree Bar Pods - Sweet Spearmint
      32010795909185 Spree Bar Pods - Watermelon Grapefruit
      32010795941953 Spree Bar Pods - Strawberry Mango
      32010795974721 Spree Bar Pods - Strawberry Apple Melon
      32010796007489 Spree Bar Pods - Rainbow Fruit
      32010796040257 Spree Bar Pods - Blood Orange Peach

      Spree Bar Metatine Pod | Free Shipping $29+ | $11.99

      Indulge your senses in flavorful bliss with Spree Bar Pods. Crafted to elevate your vaping experience to new heights, each pod is carefully engineered to deliver a detonation of great flavor, ensuring every puff is an experience of pure satisfaction.

      New to Spree Bar? Be sure to purchase the Starter Kit first!

      Key Features and Components:

      • Premium Quality Ingredients: Spree Bar Pods are created using only the finest ingredients, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience with every puff.
      • 5% Metatine: Metatine is a patented non-nicotine compound that is emerging among vape users. Spree Bar has the same satisfactory experience as traditional nicotine!
      • Wide Range of Flavors: With flavors ranging from fruity delights to refreshing menthol sensations, Spree Bar Flavor Pods offer something for everyone.
      • Easy-to-Use Design: Designed for your 100% convenience, Spree Bar Pods boast a hassle-free design, effortless installation and removal, making them the perfect choice for all vape lovers.
      • Long-lasting Performance: Each pod is built to provide dependable, long-lasting performance. Enjoy your favorite flavors for extended vape sessions without interruption.
      • Leak-Proof Technology: No more messy leaks. Spree Bar 6000 Pods feature advanced leak-proof technology, for clean, enjoyable vaping experiences every time.
      • Sleek and Portable: The compact design of Spree Bar Pods are perfect for busy vapers. Now you can enjoy your favorite flavors wherever your life journeys take you.
      • Pod Cartridge: The beating heart of the Spree Bar Pods system is the pod cartridge itself.  This is where the e-liquid and coil necessary for vapor production are housed. Each of the Spree Bar Flavor Pods comes pre-filled with top-quality e-liquid, guaranteeing optimal flavor delivery from start to finish.
      • Mouthpiece: The ergonomic mouthpiece delivers maximum comfort and super clean airflow. You’ll love the silky smooth and satisfying inhales.
      • Battery: Spree Bar Pods system has a rechargeable battery that provides ample power for extended vaping. With a strong battery like this, you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping pleasure throughout the day. (*Not included with the pods - purchase the Starter Kit HERE)


      • Blue Razz Ice: Imagine bold blue raspberry taste served ice cold! Blue Razz Ice is a super cold vape, giving you an exhilarating experience and tickling your taste buds at the same time.
      • Sweet Spearmint: Your journey of pure refreshment starts here! Sweet Spearmint drops the invigorating essence of spearmint leaves on your tongue, for a smooth, perfectly balanced vaping experience. 
      • Watermelon Grapefruit: Dive into citrusy, fruity bliss with Watermelon Grapefruit. The juicy taste of ripe watermelon blends with the tang of pink grapefruit, giving you a tantalizing fusion of interesting flavors.
      • Strawberry Mango: Embrace the succulence of ripe peaches, tropical mangoes, and crisp watermelon as you are wrapped in this symphony of fruity delights.
      • Strawberry Apple Melon: This is a delightful medley of fruity delights! Strawberry Apple Melon hits differently, starring the juicy essence of ripe strawberries, crisp apples, and luscious melons together in one perfect blast of refreshing flavors.
      • Rainbow Fruit: Set your taste buds free with Rainbow Fruit! A vibrant variety of fruity flavors comes forth in this kaleidoscope of happy sweetness, for a tantalizing trip through the orchards of nature's bounty.
      • Blood Orange Peach: Be amazed by the hypnotic allure of Blood Orange Peach. The bold and tangy notes of blood orange fuse with delicate ripe peaches, creating a captivating blend of citrusy zing and juicy succulence you’ll love.

      Spree Bar 6000 Pods are the perfect choice for enjoying flavor filled bliss at your convenience. Explore our wide range of flavors shown here to reveal your new vaping obsession today!

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