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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      Geek Bar Pulse - Group Shot
      Geek Bar Pulse - Aquarius Grape Blow Pop
      Geek Bar Pulse - Aries OMG Blow Pop
      Geek Bar Pulse - Blow Pop
      Geek Bar Pulse - Blue Razz Ice
      Geek Bar Pulse - California Cherry
      Geek Bar Pulse - Cancer Berry Bliss
      Geek Bar Pulse - Capricorn Dragon Melon
      Geek Bar Pulse - Fcking Fab
      Geek Bar Pulse - Gemini Grape Lemon
      Geek Bar Pulse - Juicy Peach Ice
      Geek Bar Pulse - Leo Orange Creamscicle
      Geek Bar Pulse - Libra Sour Apple Blow Pop
      Geek Bar Pulse - Meta Moon
      Geek Bar Pulse - Mexico Mango
      Geek Bar Pulse - Miami Mint
      Geek Bar Pulse - Pink Lemonade
      Geek Bar Pulse - Pisces BlackCherry
      Geek Bar Pulse - Sagittarius Cherry Bomb
      Geek Bar Pulse - Scorpio Blue Mint
      Geek Bar Pulse - Sour Apple Ice
      Geek Bar Pulse - Strawberry Banana
      Geek Bar Pulse - Strawberry Mango
      Geek Bar Pulse - Taurus Blueberry Watermelon
      Geek Bar Pulse - Watermelon Ice
      Geek Bar Pulse - White Gummy Ice
      Geek Bar Pulse - Frozen blackberry Fab
      Geek Bar Pulse Vape - Frozen Cherry Apple
      Geek Bar Pulse Vape - Frozen Pina Colada
      Geek Bar Pulse Vape - Frozen Strawberry
      Geek Bar Pulse - Frozen Watermelon
      Geek Bar Pulse Vape - White Grape
      Geek Bar Pulse Vape - Tropical Rainbow Blast
      Geek Bar Pulse Vape - Crazy Melon

      Geek Bar Pulse Vape | 15000 Puffs 

      Introducing the Geek Bar Pulse, a cutting-edge product from the trusted vape brand "Geek Bar." With its innovative adjustable airflow feature, you have the freedom to customize your vaping experience according to your preferences. In "Regular" mode, you can enjoy an impressive 15,000 puffs, while switching to "Pulse" mode will still provide you with up to 7,500 puffs. Dive into the world of vaping technology with this exceptional device, proudly brought to you by White Horse Vapor!

      Geek Bar Pulse Vape Specifications 

      • 5% Nicotine (50mg) 
      • Two Vaping Modes, Different Puff Counts
        - Regular Mode: Approximately 15,000 Puffs
        - Pulse Mode: Approximately 7,500 Puffs 
      • 16 mL Pre Filled E-Liquid 
      • Dual Mesh Coil
      • Large Display Screen
      • E-Liquid Level Indicator
      • Battery Indicator
      • 650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

      Flavors for Geek Bar Pulse Vape 

      • Watermelon Ice: Jump right into refreshing ripe watermelon taste, accompanied by a chilled breeze of menthol that will leave you totally revitalized.
      • Blue Razz Ice: The wildly electrifying fusion of tangy blue raspberry with an icy blast grabs your attention, while delivering a cool burst of big berry goodness with every puff.
      • Juicy Peach Ice: Treat yourself to the juiciness of ripe Georgia peaches, chilled with menthol for a sweet, cool pause that refreshes.
      • Mexico Mango: This South of the Border mango does a tango on your taste buds! Dig this pure, exotic vaping experience day or night.
      • Sour Apple Ice: When your taste buds are happy… you’re happy! The zing of sour apples does the trick, with an icy twist that'll keep your palate tingling.
      • Tropical Rainbow Blast: A flavor adventure awaits with this tropical explosion of fruits! A virtual rainbow of exotic tastes do a dance on your tongue with every inhale.
      • Miami Mint: It’s a Magic City Puff Party, featuring a cool minty South Beach breeze that's perfect for those seeking a hip mint-flavored vape.
      • California Cherry: Taste the sweet nostalgic, very cherry flavor that delivers a burst of summer fruitiness in every puff.
      • Fcuking FAB: Experience a fcuking fabulous flavor blend that's both fruity and complex, keeping you guessing with each inhale.
      • Strawberry Mango: This lively combination of ripe strawberries and juicy, ripe mangoes creates a tropical paradise of fruity delights.
      • Strawberry Banana: The rich ripeness of strawberries combined with a naturally sweet tropical banana flavor. This one will keep you coming back for more for sure.
      • White Gummy Ice: Unwrap the FANtastic taste of white gummy candy again! Infused with an icy breeze, this candy shop vape experience finishes with a cool twist.
      • Pink Lemonade: Quench your cravings with zesty clouds that taste just like pink lemonade!
      • Meta Moon: Drift into the mysterious and mystical calling of Meta Moon, a flavor that's so far out, it’s out of this world!
      • Blow Pop: Get into the nostalgic taste of those lollipops from your youth. With a flavor that captures the sweetness and excitement of candy on a stick, it definitely does not suck!
      • Aquarius Grape Blow Pop: Aquarius invented “brainstorming while
        daydreaming”! Dive into the nostalgic charm of a classic grape blow pop! Juicy grape flavors and sweet bubblegum will make your daydreams come to life!
      • Scorpio Blue Mint: The cool mystique of Scorpio works well with Blue Mint! This refreshing fusion of icy menthol flavors is no mystery, as the cold blueberry sweetness completely captures the essence of this zodiac sign.
      • Sagittarius Cherry Bomb: Ignite your taste buds with the explosive flavor of the Cherry Bomb! Featuring the boldness of ripe cherries blended with a hint of sweetness, this flavorful journey mirrors the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius.
      • Pisces Black Cherry: Dive into the dreamy and mysterious ocean of Pisces
        with this sophisticated Black Cherry vape flavor. The combo of rich, dark cherries offers a smooth and indulgent vaping experience that embodies the imaginative nature of this water sign.
      • Capricorn Dragon Melon: A magical vape experience awaits you with Dragon Melon! This mythical blend of exotic dragon fruit and ripe melon creates a fusion of sweet, refreshing flavor that resonates with the ambitious spirit of Capricorn.
      • Berry Bliss: Berry Bliss is a luscious medley of the ripest berries, including the natural sweetness of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. This fruity symphony will delight your senses with each inhale.
      • Blueberry Watermelon: Spoil yourself with the thirst quenching combination of juicy blueberries and red watermelon. This marvelous vape fuses these two summer favorites for a memorable burst of fruit goodness.
      • Grape Lemon: Grape Lemon offers a tantalizing combo of sweet grapes and zesty lemons, achieving a perfect balance between citrusy brightness and grape sweetness for a flavor-packed vape puff party.
      • OMG Blow Pop: A nostalgic vape that mirrors the iconic lollipop from the past. This perfect mix of sugary sweetness and fruity flavors “takes you back” with every puff.
      • Orange Creamsicle: It’s the classic combination of citrusy orange and creamy vanilla with Orange Creamsicle. Taste this smooth and dreamy vape and bring back memories of the beloved frozen treat.
      • Sour Apple Blow Pop: The lip-puckering goodness of sour green apples and the sweet taste of a blow pop, creates a playful and tangy vape that keeps you smiling puffy after puff.
      • Frozen Pina Colada: Experience the super smooth, velvety taste of coconut milk and sweet pineapple together, finished off with an eye-opening burst of icy menthol. This delicious concoction will remind you of sipping on a frozen Pina Colada cocktail on your favorite beach. It’s a cool and invigorating vaping experience you’ll want again and again.
      • Frozen Strawberry: The sweet, juicy taste of ripe strawberries is enhanced by a freezing menthol sensation. You’ll be amazed by the authentic taste of freshly picked strawberries, followed by a frosted exhale that leaves your palate refreshed and satisfied. This frozen twist on a favorite fruit flavor is the perfect choice for vapers who want a cold and fruity vape.
      • Frozen White Grape: The crisp and refreshing taste of frozen white grapes is truly special. This frozen grape flavored vape tastes juicy and sweet, with a tiny touch of tartness. Each puff is a burst of grape goodness, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready for more. Enjoy the cool menthol finish of this unique vape flavor.
      • Virgo Crazy Melon: Let your taste buds “go crazy” with this vibrant fusion of assorted melons, including watermelon and cantaloupe. A naturally sweet and rejuvenating vape you’ll return to again and again.
      • Frozen Watermelon: The crisp, frozen watermelon taste with each puff is super cool. Get your frosty paradise on, where sweet and juicy flavors collide with an ice cold chill, leaving your taste buds tingling with delight.
      • Frozen Blackberry Fab: Treat yourself to the bold temptation of frozen blackberries in this fabulously frigid vape. Let the rich, dark flavor of wild blackberries dance across your tongue, topped with a frosted blast of cold that will invigorate your senses with each inhale.
      • Frozen Cherry Apple: Savor this fantastic fusion of frozen cherries and crisp red apples in this seductively sensational vape. Delight in the perfect balance of these two classic flavors, complemented by a long, frosty finish.

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