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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      The best part of vaping is all the interesting, wild flavors you can choose from, and as you can see on our website, there are a lot! Whether it’s something classic like menthol, a subtle fruity blend, something crazy like peanut butter and jelly, or anything else you can imagine, e-liquid is what gives you vape the flavor(s) you love. Also called vape juice, e-liquid is the fluid inserted into your vape that gives the vapor its flavor. Most e-liquid also contain nicotine, but there are some that don’t contain nicotine.

      Whether you’re looking for something specific like organic vape liquid or want to try and find the wildest flavor imaginable, you can find it here at White Horse Vapor. Shop our selection today!

      Whats in Vape Juice?

      Most e-liquids start off with a base of Propylene Glycol, a substance commonly used to carry flavor in the food industry, and Vegetable Glycerin, a sweet liquid that is also widely used in the food industry. Flavors are created by adding artificial and natural flavoring, and liquid nicotine is added in varying amounts for the buzz. All vape liquid is made from only natural flavor ingredients, and organic vape liquid is formulated with ingredients that are produced without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This means organic vape liquid is formulated without Propylene Glycol like most others are. Does this mean it tastes better? Try it for yourself and decide!

      Flavorings: Flavorings are additives that enhance the taste and smell of food, drinks, or other products. Many flavor concentrates are water-soluble and created by companies specializing in food flavorings and/or fragrances. These flavorings come in an incredibly wide variety of options, from tobaccos to fruits, blended fruits, baked goods like chocolate glazed donuts, to even savory foods like grilled steak. Some flavor concentrates also contain sweeteners such as sucralose, which can add a nice level of sweetness to your creations.

      Nicotine: Nicotine is an optional additive in e-liquid, the substance vaporized by an electronic cigarette. Depending on the vaper's preference, it comes in a range of concentrations, as low as less than 1% or up to 5%. Non-nicotine e-juice is also widely available, so those who do not wish to consume nicotine can still enjoy vaping.

      The most common type of nicotine concentration found in e-liquids is 3 mg/ml or 0.3%. Safer than traditional cigarettes, this concentration is considered a super low dose when compared to other options on the market. Those transitioning away from smoking may appreciate this vape juice option when looking for something with a little bit of a kick but without being too overwhelming, like higher nic levels available. Introducing a low dose of nicotine can help people gradually reduce their consumption until ultimately quitting completely as they transition away from nicotine altogether.

      Does Vape Juice Go Bad And Expire?

      Whenever we purchase something, we usually check for expiry dates. This concept is very familiar to us regarding food or medicines. But do vape juices also expire? There is some debate about the exact answer to this question.

      The truth is that e-liquids have a very long shelf life and are known to be quite stable. Unlike with food, even if vape juice turns a bit brown due to oxidation, it doesn't mean that it has gone bad. Generally, most manufacturers guarantee their product for up to two years from the date of manufacture, so you may safely assume that your e-liquid expired one or two years after you bought it. However, ensure you keep your liquid in a cool and dark place away from heat and sunlight since these can affect its shelf life and flavor.


      How Does E-Liquid Turn Into Vapor?

      Whether you’re using organic vape liquid, all-natural vape liquid, or any other kind of vape juice, the process of converting it into vapor is the same. Batteries power the heating chamber, causing the liquid to turn into vapor. In some devices, this process is done by heating up a juice cartridge, while others use coils that heat up on top of a cotton ball that has been soaked in juice. What’s interesting about organic vape juices is that they typically leave less residue on the coils in devices that use that specific heating method.


      What E-Liquid should I get? Let White Horse Vapor Help

      Vaping is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes; the first step towards making that switch is finding the right vape liquid. Choosing an e-liquid is all about personal preference, so you must find something with a flavor you like. Once you have done that, then you need to consider your nicotine base and strength. Knowing how much nicotine you usually get from smoking will be essential for making this decision.

      An expert at  White Horse Vapor can be an invaluable partner in finding exactly what you are looking for regarding taste and nicotine content. They have extensive knowledge of different e-liquids and can guide you through choosing the best suits your needs. Using their expertise, they can help ensure that your vaping experience is as enjoyable as possible and free from any surprises.

      Start shopping now, and find your favorite e-liquid and a few new ones at White Horse Vapor today!