WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      About Dragbar F8000 Disposable Vape 8000 Puffs

      The DRAGBAR F8000 Disposable | 16mL. DRAGBAR F8000 comes with many fresh flavors and up to 8000 puffs bringing you an unbeatable vaping experience. You will love the air adjustment function at the bottom of the device for advanced vaping to customize your own flavor. The sporty uni-body design is a tribute to classic drag series, boasting a leather grain element design. Type-C USB compatible with built in 630mAh Battery for long lasting vaping experience with one or more of your favorite flavors!

      Key Product Specifications:

      • 8000 Puffs per Disposable
      • E-Liquid Capacity: 16ml
      • Mesh Coil
      • 630mAh battery
      • 5% (50mg) Strength Only
      • Airflow Adjustment
      • USB-C Charger not included
      • Blue Raspberry Lemon : Check out the sweet, tart, and creamy goodness of Blue Raspberry brought to life with lively lemon juice. It is well rounded, with a tart and fruity taste and smooth finish.
      • Cool Mint :An icy blend of amazing menthol flavors, blended carefully to create a superlative iced vape experience. For dedicated menthol lovers, this wintergreen blast will satisfy, with bursts of crisp, cold vapor that seem to emerge in every puff.
      • Grape Blackberry :Mildly sweet and very pleasant puffability too! Enjoy the grapes and blackberries prominently displayed in the flavor profile of this excellent vape.
      • Grape Ice :Grape Ice tastes like that very famous brand of juicy grape bubble gum, with a refreshing kicker of cool ice to make it even better! Let’s get some!
      • Green Apple Ice :Green Apple Ice is an all day vaping pleasure that does not overwhelm you with sweetness. It is a crisp apple taste, with a “just picked from the tree” freshness you will be amazed by.
      • Green Voodoo :Green Voodoo is a spellbinding vape that features banana, lychee and mint flavors. Ideal vape to have on a very hot day, but it works all year too. Once taste and you’ll be wanting more.
      • Passion Fruit Guava :A tropical mixture of supple passion fruit, complemented with subtle notes of guava. This choice vape delivers an exoticly unique tasting vape liquid you won’t soon forget.
      • Peach Snow-Pear :Snow pear is sweet and slightly sour, but when combined with ripe peaches you get this incredible flavor combo!
      • Pineapple Coconut Rum : The name says it all! A scrumptious pina colada taste laced with a light rum essence. You just can’t stop puffing on this one!
      • Pineapple Grapefruit :This pairing of pineapples and grapefruit is a masterful example of sweet and sour like you’ve never experienced before. Waves of citrus and fragrant pineapple will take you away from your cares and woes.
      • Rainbow Bear : Rainbow Bear is a happy candy flavor epiphany. It’s a great excuse to act like a youngster while puffing like an adult and having fun. It is incredible that this tastes just like an actual gummy bear.
      • Strawberry Orange Mango : A fragrant mango and sweet, ripe strawberry vape experience. Pour some orange juice into the mixture and all the fruit flavors shine through perfectly to the very last puff!
      • Vanilla Cream Tobacco : Vanilla, Custard, and Tobacco have combined to make a winner. Specially formulated with daily vaping in mind, Vanilla Cream Tobacco has a velvety smooth layer of vanilla custard and a precise amount of tobacco for ultra-smooth vaping.
      • Watermelon Cherry :A sweet pairing of juicy watermelon slices and lush red cherries that makes one gorgeous combination flavor like no other.
      • Watermelon Ice :The warmth of summer meets the chill of winter in this terrific flavor mashup. Just the right amount of watermelon and ice makes this one so nice.

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