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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      32101595775041 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Alphonso Mango
      32291846193217 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Blue Razz Ice
      32291846225985 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Cool Mint
      32291846258753 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Peach Ice
      32291846291521 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Peach Orange Pineapple
      32291846324289 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Sour Apple Rainbow
      32291846357057 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Strawberry Cherry
      32291846389825 Yovo Ultra 18000 - Strazz
      32291846422593 Yovo Ultra 18000 - New Image Coming Soon

      YOVO Ultra 18000 by YOVO Vape - 5% Nicotine

      The YOVO Ultra 18000 Vape is making the scene! In a world where convenience and quality are always going at each other, the YOVO 18000 Puffs Disposable comes out swinging! It's the perfect combo of both, setting the bar sky-high in the vaping game. The available flavors will knock your socks off, and the design is built to go the distance, like Rocky in the ring. This isn’t just about vaping, it's about making a statement. The YOVO Ultra 18000 Puffs is taking disposable vapes to a whole new level, and you better believe it's gonna turn some heads. So buckle up because we're about to take a vape ride you won't soon forget!

      Key Features:

      • Ultra-Long Battery Life: Powered by a remarkably strong 18000mAh built-in battery, the YOVO Ultra 18000 makes extended vaping sessions easy, without the need for frequent recharges or maintenance. Forget that “low battery anxiety” feeling and start enjoy uninterrupted vaping pleasure for days at a time.
      • Large E-liquid Capacity: Equipped with a giant 10ml e-liquid reservoir, this vape makes constant refills a thing of the past, so you can vape to your heart's content without interruption. Casual cloud-chasers or frequent enthusiasts will agree… the generous e-liquid capacity of the YOVO Ultra 18000 delivers satisfying vaping experiences again and again.
      • Variable Wattage Control: Customize your vaping preferences with the YOVO Ultra 18000's variable wattage control feature. Fine-tune the wattage output to the vapor production intensity you like, and start pumping out customized clouds of YOVO Vape Flavors with every puff.
      • Ergonomic Design: YOVO Vapes always fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse and are great for busy people on the go. The smooth shape and lightweight construction gives you a comfortable grip, while the modern look adds lots of sophistication to your personal vaping arsenal.
      • OLED Smart Display: You are always in control with the YOVO Ultra 18000's intuitive OLED display screen. Monitor battery life, wattage settings and coil resistance with ease. What could be better than real-time feedback for a streamlined vaping experience? 
      • Multiple Safety Protections: You can relax thanks to the YOVO Ultra 18000's all-inclusive safety features. Overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and low voltage protection are built in and guard against any possible hazards. Safe and reliable vaping is where it’s at with YOVO Vapes.
      • Advanced Coil Technology: Thanks to advanced coil technology, you’ll enjoy unmatched flavor and cloud production with the YOVO Ultra 18000. Engineered for optimal performance, the coils create smooth and incredibly flavorful clouds so you can savor your favorite e-liquids to their fullest potential.
      • Convenient USB-C Charging: If you want to recharge, no problem! Fast charging is available with the YOVO Ultra 18000's USB-C charging port. Say “se ya” to long charging times and embrace the quick and efficient recharges YOVO gives you. Spend less time waiting and more time vaping.. what a concept!

      It’s game time! Elevate your vaping experience today with the YOVO Ultra 18000 Puff Vape, where power, performance, and modern-age style converge to create a truly exceptional vaping device. The YOVO Ultra 18000 isn't just promising an unprecedented vaping experience; it aims to become a leader into a whole new era of disposable vape technology. 


      • Alphonso Mango: Indulge in the exotic sweetness of ripe Alphonso mangoes, widely considered to be the best mango in the world. YOVO has captured its rich flavor, sweetness and juiciness in this tropical vape taste of the world’s best mango just for you. 
      • Blue Razz Ice: It’s a thrill ride into a sea of juicy blue raspberries, teasing your tongue with their sweet and tangy flavor. Add a staggering blast of icy menthol, and this flavor combo brings a cooling sensation that leaves you totally refreshed.
      • Cool Mint: Get totally chilled! ! This light mint vape’s profile never overpowers your senses but always satisfies your cravings from minty start to cool finish. Get fresh with yourself… Cool Mint style.
      • Peach Ice: It’s chillingly good! This frozen peach flavor offers a refreshing twist on a long time classic fruit taste, delivering a cool and fruity vape that's perfect for cooling off on hot summer days and warm summer nights.
      • Peach Orange Pineapple: Embark on a 3-way flavor-packed journey with the remarkable taste of sweet peaches, tangy oranges, and golden pineapples. This trio will delight your palate with its juicy goodness, bringing a zesty vape experience to your life.
      • Sour Apple Rainbow: It’s a tornado of sour and sweet flavors. Crisp green apples are blended into a rainbow of fruit candies, for a tempting blend of tartness and sweetness that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more.
      • Strawberry Cherry: It’s a sexy combination of two romantic fruits with Strawberry Cherry. Ripe strawberries and plump cherries get engaged in this honeymoon of fruity flavors that will bring the vape lover out in you.
      • Strazz: One taste of this seductive blend of sweet strawberries and fresh raspberries and you’ll be a fan of Strazz. This flavor profile offers a mysterious mixture of fruit flavor that loves to dance across your palate with every inhale.
      • Watermelon Ice: Quench your vape thirst with juicy watermelon, blessed with a cool menthol finish. Each puff of Watermelon Ice drops a wave of fruity sweetness followed by a big chill, leaving you feeling even cooler than you already are! 

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