WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      Grab a USB-C cable for your devices

      Usb-c Charging Cable

      USB-C Charging Cable ($1.99)


      About Oro Twist Flow Disposable

      Featuring an adjustable airflow, the Oro Twist Flow Disposable gives control back to the user! Each Oro Twist adjustable airflow vape is pre-filled with a 8ml e-liquid capacity and 3000 huge puffs per disposable. The Oro Twist Flow Disposable has a built in 1000mAh battery for a long lasting vape experience.

      To adjust the airflow, use the bottom airflow ring found at the bottom of the Twist Flow - perfect for users who enjoy big clouds or a tighter draw. This adjustable airflow vape is available in 8 flavors and 50mg (5%) nicotine strength.

      • Available in 50mg nicotine strength
      • Battery: 1000mAh
      • 8ml E-liquid capacity
      • Adjustable airflow
      • Aloe Grape:A flavor duo of refreshing aloe vera and ripe grape.
      • Banana Freeze:Creamy and sweet banana finished with an icy blast.
      • Cool Lush:A sweet candy watermelon mixed with icy menthol.
      • Cool Peach:Ripe Juicy Peach with a hint of menthol.
      • Mighty Mint:A true classic flavor of winter spearmint with a touch of sweetness.
      • Raspberry Melon:A melon blend with tart and sweet raspberry.
      • Sweet Melon:A juicy and refreshing melon blend.
      • Very Berry:A combination of berry fruits for a sweet, tart, and vibrant experience.

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