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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      Juice Head Maxx 10K_Blueberry Lemon
      Juice Head Maxx 10K_Fresh Mint
      Juice Head Maxx 10K_Grape Cooler
      Juice Head Maxx 10K_Strawberry Peach
      Juice Head Maxx 10K_Watermelon Strawberry

       Juice Head Maxx Vape 10K Disposable

      The Juice Head Maxx 10K Disposable Vape brings the ultimate in modern convenience and true flavor to your vaping game. It is designed for those who demand a premium vaping experience without having to deal with frequent refilling or recharging. The Juice Head Maxx 10K is a high-powered, long-lasting vape device that consistently delivers rich, bold flavors in every draw. The advanced disposable vape technology built into this device brings your taste buds the satisfaction they crave while providing a seamless vaping experience.

      Juice Head Maxx 10K Specifications: 

      • Puff Count: Up to 10,000 puffs
      • Battery Capacity: High-capacity built-in battery
      • Nicotine Strength: Multiple options available
      • Size: Compact and portable design
      • Type C Rechargeable BatteryThe option to recharge is also available.
      • Smart Display Screen: Shows battery and e-Liquid levels in real time

      Juice Head Maxx 10K Flavors:

      • Watermelon Strawberry - Partake in a scrumptious blend of vine ripened watermelon and garden fresh strawberries. This lively flavor fusion captures the true essence of summer refreshment. The fruit-juicy burst of taste in every puff will leave you amazed.
      • Blueberry Lemon Freeze - This tantalizing blend of zippy lemon and soothing blueberry is perfect for those seeking a crisp and tangy vape that refreshes all your senses. It’s an invigorating blast of frozen fruit flavor that finishes with a bright, lemony zest.
      • Grape Cooler Freeze - This frosty concoction of mixed grapes are blended together into a palate pleasing refreshing frozen cooler. It’s the perfect balance of cold and sweetness, making it an ideal choice for many revitalizing summertime vape sessions.
      • Strawberry Peach Freeze - Naturally sweet strawberries and juicy Georgia peaches are blended and frozen together delivering a smoothie-like taste sensation. This pleasing combo drops a smooth and refreshing vape experience on your tongue, and is perfect for day or nighttime vaping.
      • Fresh Mint Freeze - Nothing could be cooler than. Fresh Mint Freeze from Juice Head Maxx 10K vapes! The eye-opening sensation of pure, fresh mint is enhanced by a frosty twist that delivers a refreshing vape that's perfect for mint lovers! Grab some extra chill today.

      You have found advanced vaping technology with the Juice Head Maxx 10K Disposable Vape. The Smart Display Screen displays battery strength and e-liquid levels in real time. It is perfect for those who are seeking high-quality, flavorful, and trouble free vaping solutions. Its impressive 10K puff count, variety of flavors, and user-friendly design makes the Juice Head Maxx 10K stand out in the crowd as a #1 choice for disposable vapes. Enjoy hassle-free vape experiences anytime with Juice Head Maxx 10K. Convenience and exceptional flavor come together perfectly  with the Juice Head Maxx 10K Disposable Vape.

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