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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      About Flum Pebble 6000 Puff Disposable Vape

      This is the latest device from one of the most popular disposable vape manufacturers on the market. For starters, enjoy a 14.0 mL of salt nicotine e-juice and a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 6000 puffs. The mesh coil on this disposable e-cig provides a super smooth and flavorful vaping experience. The case even has a soft silicone coating for comfortable holding.

      Key Product Specifications: 

      • 6000 Puffs per Disposable
      • E-Liquid Capacity: 14ml
      • Mesh Coil
      • 5% (50mg) Strength Only
      • USB-C Charger not included
      • Aloe Grape:It totally tastes like that aloe drink, but mixed with refreshing grape juice too. Each satisfying puff gives you a nice taste of grape, and leaves the aloe taste nicely on the back of your tongue.
      • Apple Grapefruit:Yes this one is different! A unique blend of crispy apples and juicy grapefruit. You have to taste it to believe how good it is.
      • Berrymelon Icy:This ultra cooled vape flavor exhibits strawberries, mixed berries and assorted ripe melon for a most unusually satisfying vaping enjoyment.
      • Blueberry Mint:Time to kick it with snazzy minty goodness immersed in a bushel of ripe blueberries. The scent and taste of this one will please you and all those around you too.
      • Clear:The Clear vape flavor provides a lighter menthol taste as you puff. This basically flavorless vape is just the ticket for adult vapers that prefer no sweetness and a light menthol kick.
      • Luscious Watermelon:Big, ripe and red watermelon taste! Just what you would expect from a vape called Luscious Watermelon!
      • Matcha:Soothing and mysteriously delightful, puff after mystical puff. A taste of the Orient at your lips and fingertips.
      • Menthol:An aromatic organic compound responsible for the sweet and spicy flavor of mint, but not the same flavor at all. Menthol is just the thing you need when you want fresh and cool to last all day and night. 
      • Passion Kiwi:The perfect blend of two tropical fruits, including sweet-tasting passion fruit, complemented with subtle notes of New Zealand Kiwi. This one delivers an exoticly unique tasting vape liquid you will love.
      • Peach Orange:This juicy blend of Florida oranges and Georgia peaches is a match made in Heaven. So fresh and clean with every hit, we’re sure you won’t let this one sit.
      • Spearmint:This naturally fresh spearmint e-liquid will cool your throat with its slightly sweet minty flavor and ultra-refreshing aroma. You’ll be chillin’ like a cloudy villain!
      • Strawberry Coconut:Delectable ripe strawberry, complimented by a lovely coconut flavor is so good. This instant classic takes you on memorable flavor flight, and it is a round trip.
      • Strawmelon Apple:Super sweet strawberries, crisp refreshing apples, and a tasty reduction of juicy watermelons mash up together to create this amazing vape flavor.
      • Vanilla Ice Cream:It’s time for a treat! Vanilla ice cream vape juice satisfies that craving for something sweet and creamy. Try vaping this one with other fruity or dessert e-liquids for a real cool result.

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