WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      About Esco Bars Vape 2500 Puff Disposables

      White Horse Vapor offers the best collection of Pastel Cartel Esco Bar Disposable vapes out there. Each 2500 puff Pastel Cartel Esco Bars disposable vape pen features a 6mL prefilled e-liquid capacity and a huge 1000mAh battery! Every disposable vape pen in this collection comes in 50mg (5%) nicotine strength. This 2500 Puff Esco Bar provides unmatched flavor in every puff thanks to the mesh coil design and quality vape juice flavors available. The newly introduced flavors for these 2500 puff Pastel Cartel Esco Bar vapes are Blue Raspberry, Banana Ice, Watermelon Ice, Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum Ice, Strawberry Ice, Spearmint, Red Apple, Peach Ice, and more!

      This collection of Pastel Cartel Esco Bar disposable vapes is sure to satisfy you with every puff. Find the perfect one for you here at White Horse Vapor.

      • 2500 puffs per disposable
      • 1000mAh battery 
      • Mesh coil
      • Strength: 5% (50mg) 
      • Apple Melons Ice: Tart apple flavor mixed with ripe watermelons will totally please your senses. Lots of chilled juicy melons and apples of all different varieties get together for a taste eruption you'll love!

      • Banana Ice: Sweet, ripe bananas paired with an ice cool finish.

      • Berry Strawberry Ice: Mouth watering strawberry and mixed berries with an outstanding menthol blast at the end. Get cool with this one!

      • Black Dragon Ice: A one-of-a-kind flavor with the sweetness of blue raspberry and a strong icy kick!

      • Blue Gummy: Blue Gummy Bear vape juice will remind you of those popular candy gummy bears we all love! It is sweet, juicy and so satisfying! Get some soon and enjoy!

      • Blue Raspberry The perfectly smooth and sweet flavors of blue raspberry.

      • Blue Raspberry Lemon The blue raspberry flavor that so many people love with an extra twist of citrusy lemon for a more refreshing puff.

      • Blue Razz Cotton Candy This delicious vape flavor exhibits a wonderful saltwater taffy profile, infused with sweet, tart blue raspberries. It is a carnival of cotton candy goodness.

      • Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Blue raspberry enhanced with tangy pomegranate.

      • Blueberry Ambrosia: A delicious mix of smooth creamy flavor with sweet blueberries.

      • Blueberry: Enjoy a pure juicy and sweet traditional blueberry flavor.

      • Blueberry H2O (New): A straight-up blueberry flavor profile for a no-nonsense experience.
      • Bubblegum Ice: A sweet yet fruity bubblegum flavor paired with an iciness that hits the spot.

      • Caribbean Breeze: A tropical mixed berry treat, blended together to create a refreshing vape twist you will quickly decide you need in your life.
      • Clear Flavorless with just a STRONG kick of ice. No sweetness, no spearmint, just ICE!
      • Cool Salted Caramel: The sweet taste of rich caramel with a pinch of salt.

      • Cotton Candy: A delicious and sweet take on the classic carnival candy.

      • Fiji Melons Ice: Ripe watermelon paired with juicy apples finished with a kick of ice.

      • Fuji Apple Ice: Sweet juicy apples for a crisp inhale.

      • Grape Ice: A flavorful and sweet combination of juicy grape and menthol.

      • Grape Original grape in all it's glory and well balanced mixture of sweet and tart.

      • Grape H2O (New): Original grape in all it's glory and a well-balanced mixture of sweet and tart.
      • Green Gummy Pucker up with Green Gummy featuring tangy and sour notes.

      • Gummy Bear: Gummy Bear vape juice tastes similar to those popular candy gummy bears we all love! It is sweet, juicy, and 100% satisfying! Get some today!

      • Icy Mint: Delivers a bold blast of icy cold menthol with each puff. Cool and refreshing, it is a total wake up call for your taste buds and senses! Stay cool and vape this frozen mint julep!

      • Kiwi Dragon Berry: Exotic and familiar flavors of dragonfruit, kiwi, and blueberry.

      • Kiwi Dragon Berry Ice: An invigorating blend of tangy kiwi, exotic dragonfruit, and sweet blueberries all coming in loud and clear, with a refreshing menthol chill.

      • Lemon Drops: You will dig this mouth puckering, sour lemon candy vape juice that finishes with a sweet lemon center. Taste the perfectly balanced, snappy sugary goodness on the exhale and smile.

      • Lychee Ice: Oozing with fragrant, flavorful lychee and just the right amount of mint to create the ideal menthol sensation. It is ideal because it does not overpower the fresh fruity lychee flavor!

      • Lychee Mango: The exotic flavors of delicious lychee and ripe smooth mango!

      • Mango Guava Ice: An ice cold experience featuring ripe mango, exotic guava, and refreshing ice.

      • Mango Ice: Sweet, ripe, tropical mangoes infused with a blast of ice.

      • Mango Melon: A perfect blend of sweet and cool with juicy mango, ripe melon, and fresh aloe vera.

      • Orange Limeade: A refreshing spin on tart limeade and orange.

      • Pacific Cooler: The refreshing flavor of a lemon-lime spritzer.

      • Peach Ice: This flavor is perfect for people who seek the flavor of peach and the cooling sensation of menthol.

      • Peach: Sweet like candy, this traditional peachy flavor is irresistible.

      • Peach H2O (New): Get that sweet, summer flavor through peaches!
      • Peachy Mango Pineapple Ice: The perfect sweet blend of peach, mango, and pineapple with cooling ice.

      • Peachy Mango Pineapple: A healthy dose of juicy peach, mango, and tart pineapple.

      • Pink Burst: Tastes exactly like everyone's favorite Starburst, the pink one!

      • Pink Lemonade: A delicious mix of sweet and tart that provides you with the refreshing taste of classic pink lemonade.

      • Rainbow: A mix of sweet fruit and candy berries.

      • Red Apple: The perfect, crisp flavor of freshly picked apples.

      • Snow Cone Ice: A sweet syrupy combination of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry for a Hawaiian classic.

      • Spearmint: A chill, wintery mint flavor that is sure to satisfy mint and menthol lovers.

      • Straw Nanners Ice: A beloved e-liquid from the Ripe Collection combining flavors of strawberry and banana finished with ice.

      • Strawberry Banana: A fruity mix of tart strawberry and exotic banana.

      • Strawberry Cream: Decadent layers of sweet cream and strawberry.

      • Strawberry Ice: A sweet ripe strawberry with a hint of cool menthol.

      • Strawberry: A little tart, a little sweet, with pure juicy strawberry taste.

      • Strawberry H2O (New): Take it back to the basics with a simple, yet delicious, strawberry flavor.
      • Sun Kissed: The classic orange carbonated beverage turned disposable.

      • Tobacco: Traditional flavors of dry robust tobacco but with a hint of cream.

      • Tropical Rainbow Blast: An array of wild berries mixed with rainbow candy.

      • Watermelon Bubble Gum: Sweet candy and fruit watermelon infused with chewy bubblegum.

      • Watermelon Ice: A satisfyingly sweet take on the popular summer fruit with an icy chill.

      • Watermelon: Smooth and delicious flavor with a walloping punch of melon juice.

      • Watermelon H2O (New): Get summery and try this watermelon flavor for a refreshing puff at any time of the year.
      • White Gummy: The unique flavor of pineapple gummy bears!

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