WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Who are we?

    White Horse Vapor is a locally-owned and operated e-liquid and e-cigarette/vaporizer manufacturer and distributer. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients in our e-liquid and only offer products that we believe in. Our flagship store is located in North Providence, and you can also find our retail stores at Twin River Casino, downtown Providence, as well as across the country in partnership with our franchisees.

    What is our mission? Why White Horse?

    White Horse Vapor is committed to improving the health of both New Englanders and Americans across the country by offering an alternative to smoking. We are constantly looking to deliver the highest-quality experience, service and products to our customers. White Horse is always looking to innovate and be ahead of the curve, as demonstrated by our many “firsts”. These include being the first retail vapor store combined with a cocktail bar (our downtown location), as well as the first vapor store located within a casino (Twin River). We are activists and trailblazers in the vaping community, and we are looking for employees that are able to grow with us as a company.

    Who are our ideal candidates?

    Our staff goes above and beyond to support our customers and introduce people to vaping in a way that is approachable. Our ideal candidate for any position should be assertive, outgoing, responsible and personable.

    Current Opportunities:

    Sales Professional - Lincoln, RI

    White Horse Vapor Company  is looking for a full-time sales professional to work retail at our Twin River Casino location.  We are a local, but expanding e-cigarette company that currently has three locations within Providence, along with franchises in other states.  We pride ourselves on making the highest quality juice and disposable e-cigarettes in New England, and the company is consistently growing.  

    We are the first vapor store located within a casino, as well as the first vapor store store that includes a cocktail bar (at our downtown location)! The person we are looking for should be assertive, outgoing and personable.  They should be comfortable within-person cold sales. Due to the fact that the position would be working within a casino, our applicant must be presentable, and have the ability to get licensed to work in a gaming casino in Rhode Island (including a background check). We are offering very, very competitive pay plus a sales commission.

    Please forward your resume and all relevant materials to info@vapewh.com