WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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    Old Coils

    Vape pen coils are one of the most important parts of your vape that will occasionally need replacement. Vape pen coils, sometimes called atomizers, are required to vaporize your e-liquid from the tank. Vape coils for sale from White Horse Vapor are the perfect ...

    mod to fit your vape. 

    You want to make sure your coils are in prime condition, so you get the best-tasting e-liquid with every pull. If the flavor of your e-liquid is off, or vapor production isn't what it was last week, a fresh coil should fix that. These coils don’t last forever due to the nature of them being heated repeatedly whenever you take a puff from your vape, so getting a replacement coil now and then will be necessary unless you use disposable vapes. 

    Find replacement vape coils for sale with White Horse Vapor today! We offer the best collection of high-quality replacement vape pen coils and other parts for your mod to keep your setup in prime condition every day.


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